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Last night

Sorry to thoose i was chatting with last night.

First friend came over and we bullshitted for a while then we got sucked into Monster Rancher 3 which my brother bought for my ps2.

For thoose who don't know its like pokemon. Gotta get them all type game and raise a monster.

Thing is you get monsters from normal CDs and Now DVDs and Playstation games.

There are hidden special monsters and such.

Some of the specials we have found but can't unlock yet.

Matrix DVD, Unison PS2, Fight Club DVD, StepMom has a freaking dragon on the disc and we can't get it yet. heh

Its fun. one of the ones we did unlock.

GT3 had a dinosaur in a jogging suit.

and DDR USA has this huge puppy thing dressed like a ddr character.

It wastes alot of time.

So I got sucked in and fell asleep almost immediately after. Gomen.

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