Godai Yuhsaku (godai) wrote,
Godai Yuhsaku


You are longing for some love and affection at this time ... not that you have been deprived of tender loving care ... but there are times when everyone needs to try something new or to go "somewhere" else to perhaps experience that little extra "understanding" ...

Now there are many things in life that you require as being essential to your well-being ... but try as you may - something always seems to be getting in your way .... a word of advice .... "keep trying" and you may be pleasantly surprised to see just how matters turn out - .

All the problems that you have been experiencing of late seem to have become a part of your life and there is little that can be done to change the situation. Your emotions run high. But even though you feel as if at times you are about to burst... this situation will pass. Try to release your pent-up emotions by participating in some extra physical activities ... like running.. swimming, whatever.There must be some favourite past time, not necessarily strenuous, that can help you to relax.

Stresses resulting from a recent disappointment have led to considerable trepidation. It would seem that there seems to be so much left undone...Everything surrounds you with that air of uncertainty. You badly need to feel a sense of security and whatever it takes to protect you against further disappointment. At this particular time you doubt that things could be any better in the future. But you are sticking to your guns and refusing to take advice from any source..

Sometimes one fears that its not worth formulating new ideas and projects because whatever you seem to have some in the past has never worked out... and you are tired of, as they say, banging your head against a brick wall... No one seems to care.. So mow you are trying to get away from it all by withdrawing into a "fantasy land" but unfortunately "Fantasy Land" is just that... and sooner or later you will have to return to reality ... so why delay the inevitable .. When you do ... you will find that the situation is not as tough as perhaps you thought it was.

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