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EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Godai Yuhsaku — LiveJournal

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November 9th, 2001

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07:41 pm - EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your EVIL Test Results

(Score: 53 out of 200)

Somewhat Evil

You've managed to achieve some evil in your life, though you probably feel that it isn't enough. Your soul (assuming you haven't sold it yet) searches for answers and meaning. You constantly worry about not being able to find the next step on the ladder of evil, and you remain fearful that your evil streak could end at any time if you don't soon find ways of being more evil, more cruel, and more destructive. Worry not, for we are here to help. Just follow the Evil-People link down at the bottom of this page.

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Date:November 9th, 2001 07:39 pm (UTC)

When You're Evil

good song

Date:November 13th, 2001 09:52 am (UTC)
Read 'm and weep baby, 62%. Still plenty of room for improvement. :)

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