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Well i actually got to work at noon as opposed to 1. so i'm working my way back. heh

Why do i hate work so much. Probably cause i need to be here and it takes up so much time and i need time to get my life in order.

Here's how it hapens.

Need to work alot so can't really make plans from 10 am till 5 pm
I wake up somewhere between 8 and 10.
Take a shower. Fall asleep in bathroom or just get comfortable enough listening to the water that i zone out.

Now its 10 to 11, i get back down stairs and start to get dressed but end up sitting on the bed and checking email or something and next thing i know its 11 to 12.

So i get dressed get out of the house and usually stop to pick up take out.

So I arrive at work from 12 to 1.

I bitch through a work day and get home.

Monday - nothing planned
Tuesday - nothing planned
Wed - Dagorhir practice
Thursday - RPG
Friday - nothing planned
Sat - RPG from afternoon till later or from evening until late
sunday - usually passed out from stress.

On mon, tues, friday. I occasionally end up going to dinner or possibly seeing a movie with some friends but its spur of the momment.

But the real schedule killer is what happens after midnight.

I'm usually in my room by midnight to 1. Thats when I get on my computer.

I usually have irc, icq, msn, and 3 webbrowsers going. and i alt tab and click away.
I keep going and next thing i know its 3 am. And i say to myself. I need to get to sleep.
but at that point i see a new comic or something and end up trying to fall asleep at like 4.

Now I tell people i need to go clean and my room is a complete mess. can't even walk to the bed without stepping on something.

but i end up going home stressed out from work and lie down but next thing i know its 3 in the morning and i haven't done anything except be on the net.

I'm probably adicted to the net but alot of the times it seams like my only escape.

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