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Tonight starred Arnolde Cogadet. My tinker dwarf. Tonight I had my… - Godai Yuhsaku — LiveJournal

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March 25th, 2001

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02:41 am
Tonight starred Arnolde Cogadet. My tinker dwarf.

Tonight I had my 2ed d&d game where i play a holy builder.

Basically i'm a dwarven UBER tinkerer. I can make ANYTHING in half the time it would make someone else. Plus I play a tinkerer so i can make messed up stuff.

In game i've done experiments on tying dead ogres together and using them as floatation devices. I'm made a balista. rebuilt a towns defensive capabilities.

And I'm working on a big weapon. My tank. heh yes the DM has allowed me to work on a tank as we will have to lay siege to an underdark city.

I've almost always played a dwarven cleric, I can have so much fun with them. Don't have to worry bout spellbooks and components. I just pray and i get it.
Plus I can get almost every spell so its interesting.

Party got wasted bad today. So we camped out for a day and i healed everyone
then waited another day to get the spells back.

Next we encounterd razor stone. Sharp stone floor that will shred people. We just took another two days for me to clear out paths with one of my spells.

Gosh its fun. and I only got pinged once. heh ( basically the DM as a golf club shaft that is the PING brand. This will eventually be made into a sword but currently is just used if someone is misbehaving or says something that causes brainhurt or is stupid. I ususally get hit 3 -4 times a game from saying a silly comment that makes a person's brain hurt.

Today my ping was caused by elaborating on more proof that toliets are in fact a she.

The first point (That toliets have a hole which things are inserted ) was considered valid and accepted.

The next point (I shoulda stopped when ahead) was that men left the seats up "exposing the toilet" while women prefered it being closed/shielded.

See The sensation anyone out there who just read that is experiencing brain hurt. heh

Well I need to get to sleep for tommorow i face battle. Should be interesting foam fighting tommorow as its snowing now.

Night all.
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Current Music: .lain opening theme - .duvet

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