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Well i've learned something. Don't go fighting with foam weapons in the woods wearing only sweat pants socks, shoes, and basically 2 t-shirts.

I had fun on sunday at the Pentwyvern Crown War.
I bought a new red sword and fought had a couple of kills and even beat one of
pentwyverns squires in a 1 on 1. so i was happy.

Though i didn't enjoy the field battles much ground was too slick from the snow.

And got told by I think it was the king of avalon to give up fighting single red.

I hate when people do this. I listen to everyones advice when it comes to dagorhir as i've been doing it for only about a year. But do I follow everyones advice?

NO, because if i did i probably wouldn't be on the field at all. Everyones advice tends to be of this sort. "To be good at ......., you need to be <......> so you shouldn't do it"

generally refering to speed of arms/legs/body parts. I'm not very fast with either being the large guy i am.

And then there s the whole quarterstaff thing. I like quarterstaffs deal with it. I've been told that they are unrealistic unwieldy and other things. For that I don't care.

It basically comes down to this. Why do we play dagorhir. Why do people fight.

I fight because i find it fun and its exercise. I find alot of the people who are so experienced don't necessarily do it for thoose reasons. They fight for power/prestige/thier egos.

Well anyway back to after braving the snow i got home at about 6.

There i got out of the cold wet clothes curled up in a warm blanket on my waterbed.

Took me about 3 hours to thaw then i caught a cold witch lasted through sunday and monday at least i'm down to a runny nose today.

This wasn't good as i had a job interview yesterday and ended up calling off work cause i felt so sick.

Well i'm going to try and get some work done so i can go home and clean. i'm thoroughly disgusted with my room and tempted to throw half the stuff away.

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