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Well yesterday at practice my game was way off.

As well as the fact that the rules are getting to me.

I'm sort of a rules lawyer.

Not as bad as some but i like to know what the rules are.

Case in point Foam weapon fighting.

To break a shield you need 2 good red hits.

Red hits basically mean this:

1. Large enough weapon (passes for red)
2. Swung with both hands.
3. Hits the shield solid.

Now here's my problem. I'm a large guy who is too concerned with others wellfare.

Meaning: I pull my hits usually.

Well it also helps that people aren't consistant. They don't take hits.
I have one person tell me hold it like this. Then another saying why the hell are you holding it like this.

So in the fighting when i was dueling one on one and did a pull swing. Instead of pushing with both arms one is a pull and the other a push. Shortens the reach but speeds the blade up. I was basically laughed at and was told it wasn't red.

Course I lost my blue sword at practice the tip gave out so now all i have is my red.

But I think next time i am going to be a wall. I'm not going to move. i will advance and defend. I will stay with my group but not the attack pull attack pull.
I need to swing the second time.

ah well and tonight i get to deal with rp as Goldmoon again. such fun.

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