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I've been at the new job about 8 months now.

And i blew it.

They were the bane at my last job when i started and it has become so here as well.

Time sheets.

I hate them

It was nice when doing a punch clock.

but now i have to get things straightened out.

Need to concentrate more and use web less.

But i'd probably be making more money now if i had straightened my act up.

I don't think it was an actual "review" but the boss had a little talk with me about billable time and my time sheet and the lack of. So tommorow i'm starting anew in trying to make things work. My timesheet has been set to pop up at 6 pm for me to fill out. I set this up before the talk cause i realized yesterday that it would be coming.

And going to talk to coworker about little stopwatch program he uses.

But more important then the timesheets is actually getting stuff done. the last month and a half have sucked tremendously. I haven't been able to concentrate at work worth a shit.

I'm going to sleep between 2 and 3 this morning and will be off my computer at 2 am. cause if i don't i will be up to late.

Well now i gotta go visit the parents to wish them a happy aniversery and give dad a printer.

I wonder if i should just look for a third shift computer operator job again. do mindless repetitive tasks and not have to worry about anything unless something starts to smoke.

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