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Ah well. had a fairly decent night last night.
RPed as the cleric Goldmoon. (Never show up late to a game when they are deciding characters. Yes i get to rp as a beautiful barbarian princess. God its bad at times)

Was fairly boring game just fought some zombies. And was bugged about actually running a game some time. So I know the rules. I'm not as organized as i need to be.

Though for some reason a sick idea came to mind about an adventure.

Problem is I don't know how they would like it. I'd make them actually have to think.
You know logic puzzles. dangit and the more i think about it the worse it becomes.
I just thought of a way to put a McGuyver refrence into the game.


Well I think i'm going to go buy Black and White tonight looks like a decent game.
Though I will have to empty up some hard drive space first.

Oh Tommorow I get to meet Tom the Fanboy and Vallie from the fans forum.
It should be interesting of course then i have to deal with my friends 3rd ed game. Its messed as always.

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