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Weekend update and various rambling.

Figured i would do a real post.


Lets see somewhat busy weekend.

Friday went and saw Not Another Teen Movie.

It was done in the style of Scary movie. making fun of ALOT of different movies.

Not something you take kids too espcecially since one of the characters in the movie doesn't wear clothing.

(They even spaced the subtitles for her to show her nipples (she was a forign exchange student so they gave her subtitles)

Saturday I ended up skipping the company get together to go to my game. though as much that got accomplished at the game that i shoulda gone and showed up late at the game.

Sunday was spent helping dad clean up around the house.

After cleaning went and saw Amelie. GREAT movie. Though be warned unless you know French its subtitles for you to read. :)

Still was wacky and enjoyable and fairly fastpaced. And some parts left you laughing in anticipation.

Couple of favorite parts.

World traveling gnome. Me and half the audiance laughed every time the postman walked up to Amelies father to hand him a gnome picture. was great.

though my absolute favorite part.

"Amelie would sit on the room and look out at the city and ask life's little questions like....."
"Right now how many couples are orgasming?"
*Insert quick-wipe between 12 or so couples orgasiming in various methods*
*Cut back to Amelie who turns to the camera and says*

Course other two favorite parts also involve sex. what can i say i'm a perv.

The sounds of lovemaking with jurassic park effects. (Banging on wall causing glasses to shake and water ripple)

and just the look on Amelie's face as they show her with a guy in the middle of sex. Its one of thoose Goofy blank smiles that say. "Well I guess its ok but i think i could be doing something better right now."

If you made it this far I salute you.

But ended up having a door shut and a door open. and maybe another door open.

What I said would happen with tactile girl in a post a week ago or so seams to have gone the way i thought it would.

In other words thats the door shut.

Though I did make a different girl go "pur" in an adorable fashion. Which is a door i should check into.
Even though there are a couple of factors that may be an issue. heh like for the life of me i can't remember her name.

But other possibility is that if i really wanted to i could move soon. Two of the guys i rp with are getting an apartment and are looking for a third. Problem is it looks like the house isn't much better in surroundings then current house and while its a 3 bdrm apart its more expensive and not sure how i'd handle it.

I'll go into a friends post later. not a friends lock just a lpost on friends and the divisions. I did one a while ago might as well do another one.

Well back to work.
on what

Taki will enjoy this...


hehehe. though its basically only dumping a database thats crap and putting it into sql.

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