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Now for some cus words. GOD DAMN MOTHER FUCKING JOB MARKET IN PIECE… - Godai Yuhsaku

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March 30th, 2001

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04:43 pm
Now for some cus words.


Sorry just had to call a "headhunter" to check on an interview.
I hate headhunters. They call you constatntly before an interview and after. They talk to you so much. Until they find out you didn't get a job. or such. Then they just stop talking to you. No i don't mean AFTER they tell you. It's once they find out.

I'm sure the headhunter knew on wed. or so. But I had to call him today and say "Hey what's going on." and i get. "Oh i'm glad you called. I had talked to them ....."

I hate my luck. I have close to 4 years experience in real jobs.
2 at a real place. 2 doing it as an intern/co-op.

And still i hear. Looking for more experienced. We liked you but we found someone who more fit the needs of the position.

Its frustrating. There has been only one more frustrating then when i was told. "They felt you were too nervous." And thats what i get from the university.

I've probably applied to 16 different Computer Science positions at the university.
From which i recieved my degree. And have gotten 2 or 3 interviews.

But each time. it takes about 3 or 4 weeks and i get a letter.
No its I get the SAME letter.

with only 2 exceptions.

1. At one point there must of been a position change as the person signing it changed.
2. In the fist sentence is the job title and code number IN BOLD.

I mean it basically blasts at you the position that they felt was too good for you and the fact that its a form letter. I'd rather a sheet of paper with simply.

"Sorry you didn't get this job:"


Then this 1/2 page long letter about how they found someone better then you but to keep trying at the university.

Of course when I bitch about it to my one friend where i think i've been black-listed.

(I basically sent a small email to every single person on campus 27,000 people
of course it only took 5 minutes at 11:00 on a friday night. what kind of people use the system then. No it wasn't a virus it was a letter saying look at our anime clubs webpage. Of course i won't point out that the university could have prevented me from getting the list but we shalln't go there.)

But anyway my friend told me this after complaining about possibly being black listed.

"Are You a woman?" ..." No."
"Are You black/a minority?" ....."No."
"Have you been kissing some university big shots ass for the last year?" "No?"

"Then your not going to get a job at the university."

*sigh* i hate "boy's club" mentalities. I want to work there. They are hiring.
I freaking ace thier aptitude tests. I work with the systems for 6 years.

And they still don't hire me.

Arrrrg and it doesn't help that i know the statistics.

Computer programmer, Tech Support, Programmer/Analyst, Computer Operator.

All of theese jobs have an average pay of like 30K at least.

And i make just over 22. I'm told i should be making at least 40 but i never get the break. grrrrrr

Well time to do some actual work.
Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated
Current Music: D.N.A.(feat. Suzanne Vega) - Toms's Diner

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Date:March 30th, 2001 05:03 pm (UTC)

Re: Pardon me for commenting out of the blue...

I've basically lost touch with my profs.
All the ones i had decent relations with actually have retired or left the university.

As for sys admins. At the job i'm at now, We don't have one. heh.

Making what i'm worth is one thing. But still a company that pays its head programmer 15 an hour after he's worked there for 5 years.

The current jobs just seams to be set for frustration.
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Date:March 31st, 2001 10:48 pm (UTC)

Re: Cheer up...


I have no problem if you want my rants to show up on your friends list. :)


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