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Well Tonights foamy fighting shall see how that goes. will it degrade or not.

I've started on the great cosplay v2.0

i think i will hold off on my Kuroko/Kunou bit until after i have more time.

So begins 2.0 What is it. Why Godai of course.

Heh i may as well though i am a bit larger then Godai i figure what the hey.
If there's people in spandex who shouldn't i can look like myself in a Yukata.


is a link to a small look at what i'm going to dress up as. Look in the bottom left.

Yes so not only do i get to cosplay as my fav character i'm gonna be a neko-guy.

And to boot, its a simple costume. All i need is a Yukata (currently being bid on on ebay) Genta/Gecka the wooden shoe sandals and neko-ears with a little face paint.
Face paint should be a quick run to the costume store.

and shoes i can just order or heck go in socks. and for the neko-ears....

I went to an expert. I know a fur who does costuming and routinely runs pannels on making ears and tails. so will be talking to him. He already mentioned using a wig but i think i'm just going to go with a headband/clips style. Should be interesting.

Also had a nice long chat on icq last night with a blue rose :)
Was nice though we did stay up too late.

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