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I had a dream. - Godai Yuhsaku

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December 28th, 2001

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11:57 am - I had a dream.
Which is odd since i rarely have dreams....
ok i rarely remember anything about my dreams.

For some unkown reason i'm at some sort of training camp.

I remember parts of the obsticle course where i used plank to cross a ravine instead of the way most others did it. and i later did something odd at the gernade throwing part.

i don't remember what but it got a commendation for quick thinking.

the only other part of the dream is that we were getting instructons on cold water diving and we were going on a dive.

only other odd thing was that i was able to read this gradesheet i got. i thought you couldn't read in dreams and this was reading not an impression of reading.

*shrugs* oh well

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Date:December 28th, 2001 09:11 am (UTC)
I read in dreams all the time. When I was only seven or so I read a book in a dream, halfway through, and then I wanted to look for it in the library until I realized it was only a dream.

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