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Oh my. - Godai Yuhsaku — LiveJournal

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January 3rd, 2002

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11:05 am - Oh my.
Heh for thoose who know what a RealDoll is.

A company has come out with a version for anime fans. heh

Be careful there's like a picture shot with a boob in it. so you know its rated R.


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Date:January 3rd, 2002 08:45 pm (UTC)
Heh, I wonder if they have anthro furry ones? :P

I'm kidding *grins* Yeah it seems a lot of the furry community is into that kinda thing. Not me, well not with a doll and certianly never with a live animal *ugh*. While I'm attracted to the anthro furry look (meaning upright more humanlike animal) I at least have a bit more self control then that ;)

On a semi related note, did you or anyone else reading this see the "Furry sex" thing on MTV tonight? I'm curious as to what non-furs thought about it. My thoughts are that it focused almost entirely on some of the people in furry who are only in it for the sex and don't truely understand what it is about. Blah, damn media, always putting a negative spin on anything that is different from the norm :(

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