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Life the universe, irc, and crack twins.

Ok well i don't know the crack twins but i've heard mention of them from glenn and shleb on irc.

Well first off.

THE YUKATA IS MINE!!!!!! hehehehe i love ebay. Won an auction and now get to see if i have a yukata or have to use this one as a patern. (Yes i can so a little but only if absolutely necissary.)

Now we shall illustrate one of the reasons i choose the nick Godai.

My wishy-washy ness.

I've been hanging out in the webcomics chatrooms and such and have been having a great time.

Well i invited/instructed/told to/suggested whatever you want to call it. to go down to virginia and go see a play. Glenn/Meaghan/shleb/the crack twins are getting together.

Glenn is going to try and get down there while everyone else is already there and actually involved in the play.

Do I want to go? Would be nice. Last greek play i saw was Oedipus. And then I was actually backstage. Yes i was actually in a play well stage hand for a play.
Me and this girl had to open the doors for the actors.

The only problem. Its an 8 hour drive. Getting down there i'd have to leave like at 8 on a sunday. And the drive home would probably be a killer.

Arrrrrrrrrg makes me restate my earlier DAMN YOU OHIO comment.

Though theres a chance i might be able to arrange it by quitting my job heh.

*interesting story time*

I had an interview last week for a software engineer position.
Small company i'd be the 10th full timer.
It is true that i said the words "Fuck, Damn, shit" during the interview.

Interviewer starts talking about how the company environment could be harsh at times.
I asked him what he meant. He goes on about how if your too thin skinned it could be problematic and that there is a lot of swearing. I assured him i was thick skinned enough and told him how when i first was hired at my current job the head programmer would often say "Fuck, Damn, shit." as every other word. and the other word generally being "Microsoft, office, paperclip"

Well on friday they called back and want me to have a second interview meeting two more of the 4 owners (The General manager and art director.)

I just hope they don't give me my minimum asking price i think i only put down like 28 k

which is low for programming still. i'd love to get from 35 to 40.

Though the perks at this company could be interesting. They do everything it seams.

Webdesign, programming, they even made games long ago. I can only start to drool at the video editing stuff they have tucked away in thier offices.

Heck he mentioned how they turn all the computers in the office into rendering machines after hours.

Now if i'm really really lucky this could be how events go.

Friday 3:30 interview goes well and they make me an offer right there.

Offer is good but will still say let me have the weekend to decide.

And if i get out of there early enough head back to the current job and give 1 week notice.

Now new company knows i plan on giving 2 weeks notice. So with one week notice at current job and 2 weeks before new job. It means i get a week of vacation.


Then I can drive down sunday see the play. Then possibly go down to VA beach and visit T. if he doesn't mind. T is the author of fans.keenspace.com and a neat guy from what i've talked to him on the forum and stuff. Also visit winston/chris who also lives down there from my mudding/TML_clan.

And if i'm really ambitious go down to florida and see if i could meet Msocorcim. Great guy who i learned mudding with.

And then come home friday and just chill and actually clean on the weekend.

Then start the new job and get mucho money.

I'm not greedy i just want to get out of credit card debit and buy neat toys.

Of course this is all a pipe dream until friday.

But until then a boy can dream can't he.

Now for the final part of my post, I can't have a post without being angsty.

Do I want to attempt a Long distance relationship other then chat friend?

No this does not have anything to do with the trip down south. I'm not going to go stalker like on any of thoose at the all girl college. (Least i think its an all girl college)

I have a friend who i've met through the boards and have been icqing a bunch.
Well from our talks she's scared of getting into a relationship again.
She's had troubles recently and see's herself as being in danger of falling for any of a couple people. And then tells me i'm one of theese and that it scares her.

It scares me too especially since while the internet lets people meet more people it isolates them more. And being that she is out west. its not an easy comute.

I'm having a hard time to try and drive 8 hours lord help me if i want to try and drive for 18. at least.

I being the complete fool i am just try and do my best to console her though simply by doing that it does push her torwards what she doesn't like right now namely a relationship. This may seam odd at first look but try and see this point of view.

She doesn't want a serious relationship currently. She considers herself at the verge of falling for one of a few guys. Each guys has problems with them. Location, personality conflicts after all no ones perfect.

Well by being supoorting and understanding it can have the adverse affect of pushing her further to "the edge".

God I hate how messy matters of the heart can be.

Though i will seriously be blushing if she reads this. I don't know if she does though.

Because while i'd love to have a gf and do alot of the things i chat about. (You don't really want to know except there's a lot of PSL)

I don't know if i could seriously carry one on at such a long distance relationship.
I'd end up putting my foot in my mouth or such other impromptue thing.

God women, can't live with them can't live without them. (Ok some would argue with that statement and i don't care. It's a classic :) )

Well enough of my rambling for now. Ja ne.

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