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You don't see this.

Ok i've not done. well not posted any quiz results in weeks.

But damonk had to post the webcomic artist one so i had to take it.
I even guessed the right artist that i would be.

I'm gonna get around to do a long writeup of my con experience at ohayocon this year.

Probably during lunch today or after work.

# 1 Piro
# 2 Yamcha Hibiki
# 3 Chris Crosby
# 4 Ian J
# 5 John Troutman
# 6 Gabe
# 7 Greg Dean
# 8 Largo
# 9 Ryan Smith
# 10 Scot Kurtz
# 11 Tycho
# 12 Joe "Tails" Nadeau
# 13 Meredith "Kiwi" Gran
# 14 scrubbo
# 15 damonk

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