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Nice game you torturous bastard

Heh was just told this.

Ok I used to play chess. Not in any tourneys or the like but i did take a saturday class once and did well against the teacher.

Like all things my performance is .... eratic.

I will go down in flames or do well.

I don't think 15 moves ahead i average around 3 or 4.

My greatest accomplishment that i've managed to do twice so far is this.

Explain fools mate to person (quick kill like 3 moves and thats it) then kill them with it immediately in the next game not 2 minutes later.

I did that a couple days ago when people at the office started playing chess for some reason.

First time i did it much better. Killed them with fools mate then killed them with fools mate again. with just a slight variation on how the order of the pieces moved.

But just finished a game. him down to a king, pawn, and knight. me with both rooks, a knight, a bishop and 4 or 5 pawns.

what do i do?

i stall until i can queen one of my pawns.

i considered queening the other two pawns i had left but said screw it.

so the subject line was said to me.

I like chess at times but its a bit slow of a game for me since we don't have chess clocks.

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