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I acomplished something

If you know me and how i handle things i generally have a problem with my end game.

I get excited about doing something do it work on it like a demon but if something holds me up and I don't finish soon afterwards i just sorta sit there for ever.

But in the past two days i can say i did something

I read 2 books cover to cover (Paperback novels of average length.)
Myth-nomers and Im-Pervections
and Licscence Invoked (or Revoked can't remember)

both are by Robert Asprin though the second is a colaberation with Jody Lyn Nye or however you spell her name.
but Liscence is really good dealing with music and government funded witchcraft set in New Orleans. I just gotta say Acid Irish Folk Song Punk.

But the other thing i did. I built Mecha.
I had bought a Master Grade Gundam.
Well over 5 hours and 40 minutes tonight i put it together.
For thoose who have seen the Level comercials for Gundam.
The american versions go up to Level 5 which is the japanese equivalent to a High Grade model.

Master is Level 6 or 7 and Perfect Grade is level 8 or 9.

Cost goes up by a bunch too. i paid 75 for my master which is about 10-20 too much.
but i wanted it.

The Perfect grade i really want is about 200 dollars. But since i busted through the master grade i will be getting the perfect in around a month or too. (gotta cut down on the spending)

I still have to do some decal and line work as well as clean up some of the pieces but it is completed and now set up on a coworkers monitor for him to laugh at in the morning.

He had two 1/144 scale gundams on top of his monitor. (about 5 inches)
Mine is 1/100 scale and around 9 inches tall. So you have two small gundams on one side and my big one on the other. I taped a small word balloon to one of the small ones with the simple phrase.

"Oh Shit!"

ok i have an odd sense of humor but at least i had fun in the nice and quiet office while building the mech.

I'm off to sleep now. night.

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