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Politics . Vile thing it is.

Wrote this long thing trying to explain the situation.

And it just made no sense with a person a,b,c,etc

Long and the short of it.

A person wants to help the con he has equipment and skills that can help the con.

Person was made to look like he was the cause of all of the cons previous problems.

And now person has been kicked off the staff list.

ITs just very very very very very very very frustrating. especially since when i speak about something i get little response.

I mean a large post was just made against my friend. saying a bunch of stuff and literally threatening him.
then going on to say how he shouldn't respond to the post.

I posted saying how its not smart to turn down help or fling accusations.

I get literally No response. No comment. No flame. Nothing.

Now friend is removed from the list.

Don't even know who to talk to.

though if you are one of the 4 or so people associated with the con who are on my friends list,
what can i say. Sorry. heh. it tis my journal after all. *shrug*

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