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never know what you could stumble accross.

Ok this is neat.

caster13 is getting a co-op at this place called helios/oceana possibly.

I took a look at thier site and under the testimonials i found this.

"The development process associated with our pending television series, Dragonriders of Pern (r), is fairly unique within the television industry --It required us to set up an in-house digital production unit well in advance of entering actual production--Helios Oceana were extremely helpful in suggesting and implementing hardware/software solutions for us which have allowed us to prove the viability of producing an extremely ambitious television series (from a digital point of view)within the parameters of a syndication television budget. Their ongoing support has been exceptional -- They actually seem to enjoy the customer support phase more than the initial sale."
Eric A. Weymueller
Executive Producer
A coproduction of Alliance Atlantis Television and Zyntopo teo.

Dragonriders of Pern tv show. woohoo. :)
Hopefully i will get a channel that has it. and i hope to god they do the masterharper trilogy at some point.

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