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ARRRRRG - Godai Yuhsaku

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April 17th, 2001

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02:21 pm - ARRRRRG
I will never do a long update by the webpage again.

It lost all I typed. And I hate re-writing all I type.

So now the condensed version.

I told my job I quit yesterday. That this is my last week at this place.

I go to a place where i make 7k more per year (technically i will make about 20k more then last year though thats cause of me working part time and also that they had me at 7 an hour for most of the year.

The new job will look interesting. They actually have systems capable and use them for quake 3 and Black and white. Though how much play actually done is still unknown.

We will find out though.

For now what faces me is whats left to do the rest of the week and to clean everything out of my system.

Everyones allowed a fresh start. I should be no different.

Current Mood: nervous
Current Music: coworkers headphones up to loud

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