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This weekend

Drove on two trips both related to anime

2 hour each way trip to the convention hotel.

which while it was nice to see the hotel and discuss stuff.
The discussion wasn't enough progress cause people hemmed and hawed about a lot of stuff that didn't need to take place.

For example. hotel layout issues should be priority at meetings in the hotel. grrr.

Ended up getting lost in Kent on that trip.

Second trip to cleveland to see metropolis.

A good surreal anime. was nice but an hour drive.

And got lost in cleveland going there.

Also turned in housing application for the apartment i plan on moving into with my brother this august.

Double checked on pet policy. Not allowed to have a chinchilla. Guess i will move that as another benefit for the pioneer possibility. Not sure how realistic it is (the pioneer possibility) Its something to look into.
Will probably do a post about it later.

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