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I'm gonna get me sum culture.

I bought a ticket to go see rent on the 24th. not this sunday but next.

I even splurged. I bought a good seat.

I'm not in the orchestra pit but i'm in the first row of the grand tier (second level) and i am practically dead center.
the row goes from 1 to like 65. i'm in row a Seat 35. :) Its the first time i think i will have this good of a seat.

Hell at phantom of the opera i was literally in row xx. that pissed me off. if i was in nosebleed i'd be fine.
but no we were underneath the nosebleed seats.

You know the whole chandaleer (sp be damned) where it crashes down over the audiance and everyone gasps.

well it fell and afterwards we were able to see the bottom maybe foot of the damn thing.

I love my parents for taking me but gah. i'd rather not go if i don't get a clear view. heck i usually bring binoculars for nice views. shouldn't need them for rent though. unobstructed view. sigh.... will be nice

of course it only dulls the pain that i have from paying almost twice the cheap seat cost.

$55 vs. $30. i'd hate to see what this would cost at a major venue.

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