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You are where you live

Ok this is funny and probably more accurate then online tests.

Its a marketing database. (Actually two of them)

It tells you the groups of people living in your zip code.

36 Towns & Gowns
College Town Singles
Age group: 18-34
Household income: 19,700
1.35% of U.S. households belong to this PRIZM Cluster.

This PRIZM Cluster is most likely to...

Be college basketball fans
Own a $1,000+ computer
Have a school loan
Watch Friends
Read Glamour

This PRIZM Cluster lives in neighborhoods like...

Madison, WI
Bowling Green, OH
Gainesville, FL

This one isn't the first choice but the most fitting.

MicroVision Segment 34: Books And New Recruits

Demographics: Medium-low income, young, single adults, age 18-24, three to four person households

Lifestyle & Retail: Go backpacking/hiking, use quick service copy or printing, and own racquetball equipment

Communications & Technology: Have voice mail or voice messaging custom phone service, run a business from the home, and use home PC to do civic or church volunteer work

Financial: Invest in an annuity for retirement savings, receive primary financial advice from a financial planner, and processed auto claims last year

Media: Read Life, Rolling Stone, and Sports Illustrated magazines, watch Headline News and Beverly Hills 90210 (primetime)

Geography: Urban and suburban areas, with high concentrations in the West and Midwest

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