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Well twas good and my seat was excelent.

But. heh

I think the sound system wasn't configured to my taste or else it was just where my seat was but the band over played the lyrics to a great extent in alot of the early song.

And some of the songs ended up sounding like ordered chaos.
Yeah the song is supposed to have 6 seperate parts going at the same time but it didn't come through.

I picked up the soundtrack like i have done for almost every musical i've seen heh.

Sounds like its alot better balanced then in the theater but thats to be expected.

I swear they must of kicked the guy who played Angel in the sack before performing.
He had a very high and femine voice. ( had to double check the guy's name in the program to make sure it was a guy. When he first showed up on stage he was almost entirely in the dark then showed up in drag. so wasnt sure if they had a guy or a girl playing the part.

alot more audiance interaction then at other plays. wanted to slap this guy couple seats down. cheered prior to a performance. clapping and cheering after a performance or song is great and i clap. but doing it right before a song starts grrrrrrr.

some of us have no clue whats going on so don't tip the hat.

and i will say this in closing.


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