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Well almost. - Godai Yuhsaku — LiveJournal

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April 16th, 2002

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12:50 am - Well almost.
Ohio just had a drawing on saturday for 75 million dollars.

And I won.

Well almost.

Me and mom pooled the tickets 20 bucks each.

we had a 4 number hit.

So we won 100.

So I won 50.

After spending 40 bucks total on the last 3 drawings.

I won 10 bucks.

Of course my mom keeps the whole 100 and the 50 goes towards paying her off.

As of this coming friday I will owe her 6000. which is 1/2 way from december.

If only 2 more numbers had hit. i'd be debt free and ordering a new laptop. heh.
Current Mood: amusedamused

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Date:April 17th, 2002 05:36 am (UTC)
Heh I worked at the lotto machine from time to time back when I worked with Meijer. When working there I noticed some interesting demographics on who played what games. Nothing racist here and I'm not implying any stereotypes, just observations :P

Superlotto is played pretty evenly by everyone, black, white, young old.
Buckeye 5 (kinda like super lotto but with 5 #'s and a $100,000 max payout) is played mostly by whites and almost exclusively by the elderly (50+).
Pick 3 and Pick 4's players are black 90% of the time and most are middle aged adults. Very few people under 30 ever play those two games.

Of all games men seem to play more than women except for Pick3 and Pick4 where it was pretty average.

Instant tickets are bought by mostly white people (about 75%) and mostly young to middle aged people. More women play instants than men (about 70%). Instants are usually the first thing young players go for other than superlotto.

While you are most likely to win something at Instants the pay outs are almost always Free ticket or 5 bucks, which almost always is turned in for more tickets. Scratch offs also come in "good packs" and "bad packs". Some which pay more than their worth and some which pay less. There was one guy who would buy them 50 at a time and if it looked good he would come back to buy what was left of that game. People who win a lot at instants still lose out because to win a lot you play a lot. And you always will put in a lot more than you get back in the end.

Now of the main games (Super, buckeye and pick3 and 4), you are most likely to win a significant amount of money at, surprisingly, Pick3 and Pick 4. The Super and Buckeye have massive payouts but vanishingly small odds to hit it big.

I've seen two occasions where people played the same pick3 or 4 number many times and won over $20,000. A few other times people who won $5000, $10000. I have no idea how much they spent over the years before they finally got their big payback though :P Its rather possible they spent that much or more over the years to get there hehe.

But still, if you are playing lotto with hope of just some pocket change gotten by luck, pick 3 and pick 4 are actually your best bet. Oh and pick your own numbers and just stick with them all the time if you play those. I think you are more likely to win than letting the machine pick each time or using different #'s each time.

Oh yeah, and whenever there is a disaster, people will play those #'s o.o When TWA flight 800 blew up over the Atlantic and people were spreading rumors missile hit it, all these people played the #800. Turns out it actually hit that week to o.0 The ohio lottery said back then it was probably one of their biggest payout nights on Pick3. I found it pretty ghoulish myself o.o I'm glad I didn't still work there on 9/11. I bet people played that # like crazy for most of September.

Now if you wonder why I came up with all this, its because when super lotto was only $4million, it is VERY VERY BORING AT THE LOTTO COUNTER :P

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