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Well I just ended up wasting my time at work and am now in a funk.

Whats to blame.


I found the site a while ago and just recently when the link got posted somewhere.
I went and checked it out again.

And made the mistake of reading
this, the guy i almost was.

Though the main character is set almost a decade before me. I find myself in the same place.

No i'm not broke and destitute. But I feel just as lied to with cyberculture and such.

And I have no idea what to do with my life. I can't remember my ideals from being young .
While I still have a moral compass. I have no ambition any more.

Things seam to start then peter out.

Perhaps its just the stress of the new job and the nerves from going to ACEN this friday.

And my worrying if i can pull off doing the con parties and getting to meet some people from the net. Piro from Megatokyo will be there. As will Rummy-chan/Kara D. of conscrew.

I hope this will be my first con that i truely enjoy.

First two cons had me wandering around simply watching vids not meeting any people. or tailing behind a more well know friend. which has problems of its own.

Third con i had fun but i was technically working for the most part. and didn't reap all the rewards. I didn't go to any of the parties i was invited to.

SO this will hopefully be a new start.

More to come... Food has arrived.

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