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If you wish to loose all will to live then go see this movie. - Godai Yuhsaku — LiveJournal

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April 24th, 2002

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01:45 am - If you wish to loose all will to live then go see this movie.
Went out to dinner with Jim.

After eating it was only 9 so we went to go see a movie.

Out of the movies playing the only one neither of us had seen was one we knew nothing about.

Monster's Ball.

Between us all we knew is that it had won/been nominated for some awards.

And Haley Berry (sp?) got nekkid.

So we bought tickets.


for he did not put me out of my misery in this movie.

It wasn't the sort of depressing that made you cry.

No Its the kind that makes you say "You know life is a piece of shit and then you die." gah.

So in the end it wasn't worth the sex scenes. thoose were even depressing.

On a lighter note. i'm going on like 60 hours so far without any caffene.
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Date:April 24th, 2002 09:26 pm (UTC)
Honestly i didn't feel that the ending was that optimistic.

I realize that the whole "I think we are gonna be alright" at the end is supposed to make it one.

But thats being naive.

Their lives have been going through heck throughout the entire first part of the movie.

They don't find each other as much as throw each other. with the amount of passion shown in the first sex scene either character could be replaced by some sexual aide. It wasn't about find love or anything other then escaping thier pain.

Thier life continues to plummet especially since he refused to bring up the fact that he knew her husband.
It wasn't so much as he lied but it was just as bad as witnessed by the final bedroom scene.

Then you go to that to him just leading her out to the porch sitting her down and eating ice cream.

That one line he utters isn't a happy ending its her still in shock. and him being focused on his own happiness.

i will agree that it is a powerful movie. and i will grant that it might be excellent since it won some awards.

However it is definately not to my taste. which i why i dislike it.

As for the ending. i don't feel that the ending was very optimistic.

Had they brought the skeletons of thorton character out earlier and overcome it. and then said the line then yes that may have been a happy ending.

But instead its her crying violently for 30 seconds or however long as he gets ice cream.

I think the ending is more of the whole movie on how life is uncertain. or about how some people live life in denial. How long did it take for him to back up for the kid. Thortons character is extremely self-centered to the point where it doesn't seam that anyone else matters.

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