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Interpreted from here - Godai Yuhsaku

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May 1st, 2002

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11:26 am - Interpreted from here
godai's livejournal?
(since some of you don't get it: this is an "interpretation" of the content in godai's journal.)

Oh well next thing i can look over at the instance Name. So i can rest
in front of falling asleepand waking up the first two discworld novels
and i notice how light; it out as a method of them a bit cleaner of a
try: shoes; Maybe Flash. Went out to close my response Why the movie
tonight elusive Prairie Giraffe! After dark must have that: it; so
last night I won't be participating: midnight.

Any animal that it; so I don't have that it is that it so i won't be

-- godai

hack by evan;

inspiration by jwz's dadadodo.
hosted by pat at antispin.

Current Mood: amusedamused

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Date:May 1st, 2002 08:42 am (UTC)
Interesting. I wonder if one could make one to convert ordinary journal enteries into haiku? THAT would be cool. :D

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