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Reporting live from the center of a police zone.

It is the last day of classes here at the university of Akron.

Its means two things.

Beer and Teargas.

Long time ago the university gave student a half day off to go plant a tree.

eventually it turned into a celebration.

Then a party.

Then around 1994 couches started burning.

The parties in the college slums got out of hand. there was furnature burning in the middle of the street.

It kept growing. the university tried to tone it down by holdingthier own events.

but the can't really beat out alcohol andlate night partying.

People who weren't students would come.

So the university first closed off a 2 block area "Kathrine's place" where the partying was fierce.

They teargassed two years ago.

At that point the university said screw it. And no longer gave a half day.

Of course does that stop the partying. No.

But what has turned it down is the polie. The area they shut down keeps increasing.

So about a mile stretch of the road in front of my house is closed down. and i'm in the center of like a 2x 2 mile square that is shut down. police baraccades at the perimeter and you have to be a resident to get in by car.

Its fun watching the drunk people though. They are still in the house at he momment and on the porch.

Oh well once more into the fray my friends.

P.s. Spiderman was entertaining.

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