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Well I'm back.

I don't have any good pics of me at the con yet but we shall see.

So without further ado.

Me at ACEN:


Panic set in as i made it to my friends house before ten with everything packed and ready.Although I hadn't gotten the car to the oil change yet.

After waiting almost 2 hours from miscommunication about one of the two friends coming everyone finally showed up so me, Jim, and Jim, set off.

We made it first to an oil change place since the car needed it and we were about to drive like 800 miles this weekend. We then got some food and headed onto the high way.

The trip is generally very boring between akron and chicago. out of the 390 or so miles. 380 were on I-90/I-80 (the toll way) I drove the first leg through Ohio and about 20 miles into Indianna then switch and rested the rest of the way.

Then something funny happened. We jumped back in time by one hour. We had all forgotten about the time zone difference. So when we got to chicago it was exactly 5 o'clock.


Took us about an hour and a half to 2 hours to get the last 30 miles or so.

But we made it to the hotel and got through the hotel construction to get a room on the 10th floor.

Then we went exploring. I hit the dealers room (actually 1 of the 2 dealers rooms) and only bought some pocky but got kicked out as it was closing. So I went and watched the Fan Dubbing panel for a bit before I had to go meet for the "BIG OTAKU DATE"

Oh all this time I was looking for Rummy-chan/Kara, the creator of conscrew.


Since I was supposed to be hosting a conscrew roomparty.

Well I went to the set up for BOD and met the other guy contestants.
They ranged from nice to seamingly stupid to one who was just scary.

And we got split up into 2 groups. I was in the first with me being Otaku #2.

I looked at my competition for the date and though i had a slim chance.

2 of the guys i figured would break down fairly easily.

1 of them answered how they liked dubs and went on explaining himself after the audiance booed him.
Another was simply to shy and was tormented by the sin girls. Though i wouldn't consider this a bad thing.

The sin girls were basically hostess helpers who would make bad comments/motions while we answered behind our backs of course.

The guy I lost to was a talented guy i had heard mention before.

He's asian, an artist, and kept his cool better then I.

I bombed on my usual questions.

I can never think up dates.

So i go for the usual dinner and a movie. and then say "Yeah its sorta a cop-out"

The host tells the sin girls to spank me. I get spanked. (and technically whipped)
I'll have pics eventually.

But what really surprised me was at the end. and the audiance was yelling numbers for which otaku to pic. There were people yelling 1 and 2. I was surprised. Even though she picked 1.

I still had fun and now need to find a copy of the video.

Afterwords I was hanging out with some friends just b.s.ing about the BOD and was talking about webcomics a little and from behind me out pops....

Utena complete with bike shorts asking "Did you say webcomics?"

I look down at the badge and its Kara.....




We talked a bit and i introduced her to my friends.

But she ran off to go see anime hell which i showed up later to.

After watching anime hell and watching a little of anime midnight maddness which started between 1 and 2 am.

I made it back to the room and slept.

Well i need to do some stuff so I shall continue with saturday later today.

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